DUTZI designs- beach bags AUSTRALIA

by sol bellow

Sol bellow is a brand inspired by travel. Places we have travelled influence our fabric print design, colours, cuts and also the feel of our brand. We love to not only provide our clients with our beautiful Australian made swimwear, but also offer, via our online store, some products we feel compliment our swimwear and brand.

This summer we bring you DUTZI design.

‘Dutzi design inc. is committed to great design, quality and helping others.’

We have carefully selected some amazing summer colourways to compliment your bikini wardrobe.

Dutzi- for sol bellow

Above and below DUTZI vintage burlap totes.

Dutzi vintage burlap bag- solbellow.com

Dutzi bags are handmade by local artisans, mainly Mayan women, in the Yucatan, Mexico. The designer Ariane handpicks the Vintage burlap herself, so each bag is one of a kind. The straps are hand-woven after an ancient technique; the designer creates the color-combinations. Dutzi design works 90% with recycled materials. It was important for Ariane Dutzi not only to give people work, but to encourage and empower them. The men and women working for dutzi design need only to come to the workshop for training, pick up the materials and deliver the handcrafted bags. The craftsmen and craftswomen are free to work from home and are paid per bag they make. Your purchase will give more work to more indigenous people and enable them not only to provide for their families, but also strengthen the community in which they live and work.

yellow beach bag

Above: White raffia and leather beach bags.

Dutzi bags - sol bellow

Below: Vintage burlap Dutzi pouches.


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